My videos tend to constantly be referencing my personal reality while swimming further into the viewer’s unconscious via personal diary entries, pop culture references, and an unflinching interest in the banal experience. My work is presumptuous in its assumption the viewer may have never been on The Bachelor however they know what unrequited love feels like; you either have or have not done a line of cocaine – but I am willing to bet we all have experienced those seven uninterrupted minutes in a car wash. Sometimes the only connection between sequential imagery is perceived meaning.

Though I am always in search of common ground with my viewer, I enjoy a challenge. There seems to be a consistent and implicit hierarchy of metaphor within all my work. Image is the secondary static object, being in most cases aesthetically archaic and at times useless. I find that ugliness and boredom induced anxiety are suitable vehicles into self-reflection. The degradation of visual imagery, dissonance between sound and image, and content that has been appropriated hundreds of thousands of times over are the sutures I use to connect collective and individual experience.

“Self expression as a multitude of voices” is at the heart of my work.